The public rooms on the ground floor of the hotel consist of the reception area, the Bistro, the Veranda, the Walliser Stube, the Petite Salle (reading room) and the Salle à Manger (dining room).

Garden café

Depending on whether you arrive to the west or the east side, the hotel shows a different view. The eastern façade with the striking round flight of steps has a grand air; the path to the west entrance leads you through the garden café, shaded by mulberry trees.

The reception

The reception area greets you with its open, modern office panelled in light maple wood. Art Nouveau flower sprays on the ceiling date from 1897. They were rediscovered during restoration work in 2007.


The Veranda on the south side is reached by way of the earlier Smoking Room, now the “Bistro”. It is the oldest part of the building, dating from 1883. The walls are stencilled in a red and blue pattern in the Biedermeier style. The bar and the tables are made of the light-coloured wood of maple, which contrasts well with the patina of the original wooden floor.

The Veranda

The Veranda appears to cling to the south façade of the hotel. The four tables are very popular as they give a view onto the river Binna, of St.Michael’s, the Parish Church in Wilere and of the massive Breithorn, the mountain bordering the Binn valley to the west.

The “Walliser Stube”

The “Walliser Stube” dates from 1946, when many such rooms throughout Switzerland were decorated in the style called “Landi” – after the Swiss National Exhibition of 1939. In the Hotel Ofenhorn, larch wood was used for the panelling, the false ceiling beams and the tables. Over the fireplace hangs a hunting trophy: the head of the first red deer which returned to this part of Switzerland in 1942.

The “Petite Salle”

The “Petite Salle” was formerly a ladies’ sitting room, today it is a reading room for watching television. Here are to be found the original armchairs and table of the former smoking room.

“Salle à Manger”

The showpiece of the hotel is the splendid “Salle à Manger” – the dining room, which holds up to 100 people. During renovations in 2011, the original ornamentation in the architectural style was revealed on the ceiling. Wallpaper with a rose pattern decorates the walls; the design was recreated from scraps of the original wall-paper, and then produced in a traditional printing process.


Hotel Ofenhorn
Ufem Acher 1, CH-3996 Binn
Telephone +41 27 971 45 45

Regula Hüppi and team

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