The Pro Binntal Cooperative

The Hotel Ofenhorn is a valuable monument from the Belle Epoque, the founding era of Swiss hotel business, and an important economic factor in the small mountain village of Binn.

Since 1987, the Cooperative Pro Binntal supports the preservation of the traditional Hotel Ofenhorn, conservation of the historic building, furniture restoration, and to ensure the long-term running of this mountain hotel.

After the successful exterior renovation early in the nineties, the Co-operative was able to realise a large part of the interior restoration, starting in the winter 2007/2008. Now the whole ground floor, with the reception area, Bistro, Walliser Stube, Veranda, Petite Salle and Salle à Manger, can be seen in their original elegance. In addition, seventeen rooms were renovated in the Belle Epoque style, partly with modern ensuite facilities. The corridors too were redecorated in their original colours and decorations.

The work of restoration is not yet finished. In particular, the staircase and a further eight rooms await renovation. In addition, further fire protection measures and renovation of the attic floor are needed.

To be able to finish the work of restoring the Hotel Ofenhorn, the Cooperative Pro Binntal must continue to rely on financial contributions, patronage and donations. As the Cooperative Pro Binntal is recognised as a beneficial organisation, all donations are tax-free (except for cooperative shares).

We are grateful to all those who help to maintain the Hotel Ofenhorn in the Binn Valley.

By the way, more detailed information on the Cooperative Pro Binntal can be found on itswebsite (in German).

If you have any question or any suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us:

Cooperative Pro Binntal
Postfach, CH-3996 Binn
0041 27 971 43 33


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