What to see

The most important things to see in the Binn Valley are:

The arched bridge, also called Roman Bridge, built in 1564

St. Michaels Church in Wilere

Regional museum with three sections: Minerals, Archaeology, and Folklore

Mineral mine Lengenbach

Old road through the Twingi Gorge

The hamlet of Fäld

The hamlet Ze Binne

Heiligkreuz in Lengtal, a place of pilgrimage

In Ernen, a quarter of an hour from Binn by car, one of the prettiest Valais villages, can be seen:

Village square Hengert, with the Tell House (oldest William Tell fresco in Switzerland)

The parish church of Ernen

The Jost-Sigristen Museum

The church museum

Gallows Hill

The village of Mühlebach with the oldest village centre with timber construction in Switzerland

Children’s playground “Zauberwald” (Magic Wood), Wasen



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