Over the border to Italy

South of the Binn Valley lies the oldest nature park of the Piedmont region in Italy, the Parco naturale Veglia-Devero.


The easiest way over to Italy is the Albrun Pass, which was in use by the Celts, the Romans, the Walser (Swiss-German speaking inhabitants of some of the Piedmont valleys), partisans, and smugglers.


More demanding, but particularly attractive, is the Geisspfad, passing the lake of the same name.

The Chriegalp Pass and the Ritter Pass

The Chriegalp Pass and the Ritter Pass are only for experienced walkers in good condition.

The Alpe Veglia

The Alpe Veglia with the great north wall of the Monte Leone is one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Alps.

The Lake Devero reservoir

Not far below the Albrun Pass, beckons the emerald-blue colour of the Lake Devero reservoir.


Crampiolo, the first settlement of the Italian side, with its very special charm.



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